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Ciara Considine: Reviews

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Beyond the Waves, Ciara Considine’s sophomore album, is as powerful and ethereal as the myths and stories of Ireland itself.  Listening to the album, one is easily transported to another world of hills, sea and mist.  Having come from a musical family, trained at the Royal Northern College of Music (with Helen Krizos) and having performed for years, the immense skill, talent, and experience Ciara possesses is more than obvious in her arrangements, musical versatility and the emotional depth conveyed in each of the tracks.

In “Is Ar Éirinn Ní Neosfainn Cé Hí,” meaning ‘For Ireland I’d Not Tell Her Name,’ the longing and emotion involved in each phrase is palatable and wrings the heart.  Even though the words are in Gaelic one can still understand the heartache involved in this sad love story.  The gentleness of the harp and the softness of the strings during this piece further help one to feel the sadness and love.  Likewise, Ciara takes even well known songs such as “Raglan Road” and “Fields of Athenry” and makes them her own, emotionally and musically.

Moreover, her own original arrangements also have a life of their own and paint powerful pictures for the listener.  Written with her childhood days on her grandparent’s farm in mind, the opening track “Gaelic Child” conveys the joy and whimsical nature of childhood freedom through the light, airiness of both the harp and the flute.  “The Linnet” and “The Sea Dance” are also beautifully arranged tunes that will surely put one at ease and make one smile.

All in all, Beyond the Waves is a beautiful album and well-composed album.

Raised in a music-loving family, Considine made an early mark by winning a scholarship to study flute and piano prior to touring South America with the Kent Youth Orchestra. Following a spell with the National Youth Choir of Great Britain, she then trained as a classical pianist at the Royal Northern College of Music. After further studies, Ciara returned to her folk roots with the Celtic harp, lyre, tin-whistle and Irish flute. Following the success of her 2008 debut album, Ó Mo Chroí, Considine returns with this stunning self-produced collection of jigs, tunes and poems set to music. Evocative and ever melodious, this is a truly inspirational work. Stand-out: A Summer Dance At the Crossroads.

"This is truly a wonderful compilation of songs from Ciara Considine. You can tell that this woman's entire life has been steeped in music. She has formal training in piano and flute, and has studied music at the college level as well. As her love for Irish folk music grew, Considine taught herself the harp, Celtic lyre, tin whistle and Irish flute, making her an extremely well-rounded musician. We all know that training does not necessarily an artist make, but in this case, it helped form the depth and breadth of the music you hear". "Considine's voice is without a doubt one of the most interesting I've ever heard. She has a rich, full sound, and is able to convey both emotion and energy through her vocals. On tracks like "She Moved Through The Fair," her voice takes on an ethereal quality, adding yet another dimension to the song. Each track is expertly crafted and the arrangements are fresh and interesting. The real gem of the album, however, is Considine's voice, used as instrument; both blended and contrasted with the music, depending on what is called for. The music left me feeling satisfied--much like a wonderful dinner with all the trimmings".

"Traditional Celtic music, with ethereal flute, tin whistle, lyre, harpsichord, piano, and cello. This CD's songs are playable for the folk show because the songs are traditional tunes arranged to hear with the lyrics plainly and easily understood interspersed with unique beautiful arrangements of flutes, whistles, and stringed instruments. The more you listen, the more you appreciate the songs and tunes for the music and the Celtic beauty". "Listening to your album is like watching a movie and seeing things with each new viewing that were missed. Your music is like that, all kinds of beautifully Celtic feelings come out of listening to the music in different ways. And there is always something new to enjoy even though the arrangements are clean and simple. I suppose they are really intense but simple sounding at the right time I'll be hit with something exciting. I'm homesick for Ireland and my family has been here since the 1840's". "I review a lot of albums. Yours was fresh and different from most that I review. I'm glad I had the notion to go on myspace and look for music that day".

"Ó Mo Chroi" is such a beautiful recording by Ciara Considine. Her interpretation of "Kilkelly, Ireland" is outstanding and emotional. As the listener, I could visualize and feel the sadness of the story. The instrumentation on all of the tracks creates a unique sound and a marvelous blending of instruments. The inner notes are excellent giving good background to each track and the timing of each piece is so very valuable to a Presenter. Ciara Considine has a beautiful voice; this recording "Ó Mo Chroí" is a ‘keeper’ and an excellent addition to your music library".

"I just heard "Kilkelly" on Marc Gunn's podcast. It brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful, just purely, purely beautiful! The kind of music we do requires your heart to show, and yours does!"

"Absolutely fell in love with your version of "Kilkelly" after hearing it on the Marc Gunn's Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Absolutely heart-breaking. Brilliant job weaving the male voice into the mix, gives me goosebumps every time I hear it... evokes the author of those letters in such a haunting manner. "Black is the Colour" shares that same haunting beauty that drew me to this CD. Absolutely beautiful arrangement on both pieces. The vocals interlace with the instrumentation so subtly, it's refreshing. All around, it's an excellent album. So nice of Marc Gunn to put your music in my ears!"


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