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Ciara Considine - "Beyond The Waves" and "Ó Mo Chroí"

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Ciara Considine - Beyond The Waves - 2010

1 Gaelic Child
2 She's Like The Swallow
3 Is Ar Eirinn Ní Neosfainn Cé Hí
4 A Summer Dance At The Crossroads
5 On Raglan Road
6 The Linnet
7 Garden Valley
8 Sea Dance
9 The Itinerant Singing Girl
10 The Fields of Athenry
11 Glowing Embers
Beyond The Waves Front Cover


CD £7 + Free postage! (UK & International)   


Ciara Considine  - Ó Mo Chroí  - 'Of My Heart' - 2008 

1 Black Is The Colour
2 Kilkelly Ireland
3 She Moved Through The Fair
4 The Flower Of Magherally
5 The Parting Of Friends
6 Spancil Hill
7 Molly Bán
8 My Lagan Love
9 Farewell My Love, Remember Me
10 Un Gaoth Úr
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CD £7 + Free postage! (UK & International)


Ciara Considine paused her career as a classical pianist to explore her Irish roots, making her debut album, called "Ó Mo Chroí"- Irish for "Of My Heart" in 2008. She sang and played all instruments on the recording: piano, harps, lyre, flutes. Produced independently, with positive reviews and radio-play, the album sells consistently online via all major distributors.

Ciara’s second album, bringing talented Irish musicians on board, was released in 2010. Alongside the popular ballads and reels, it brings to life Ireland’s literary wealth, with poems by Kavanagh, Yeats and Wilde in song.

"There is an old Irish phrase used to refer to a loved-one: 'Ó cuisle geal mo chroí '. It means 'Oh bright pulse of my heart'. This phrase is the inspiration behind my albums. Each one of these traditional songs is essentially a story of love. Hand-in-hand with these stories of love are stories of loss, against the harsh back-drop of Ireland's historical famines, poverty and emigration. The songs were shared in the true folk tradition - around the kitchen table, by the hearth of the home, amid the jigs and reels - and passed down through the generations."(Ciara Considine) 

Ó Mo Chroí Inside Cover
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 Beyond The Waves Review Clips:

* Beyond the Waves is as powerful and ethereal as the myths and stories of Ireland itself. Listening to the album, one is easily transported to another world of hills, sea and mist....Ciara takes even well known songs such as “Raglan Road” and “Fields of Athenry” and makes them her own, emotionally and musically....(2011 Celtic MP3s Music Magazine)

* Considine returns with this stunning self-produced collection of jigs, tunes and poems set to music. Evocative and ever melodious, this is a truly inspirational work....(2011 MU The Musician Magazine)

Ó Mo Chroí Review Clips: 

* This is truly a wonderful compilation of songs from Ciara Considine. You can tell that this woman's entire life has been steeped in music....Considine's voice is without a doubt one of the most interesting I've ever heard. She has a rich, full sound, and is able to convey both emotion and energy through her vocals....(2008 Celtic MP3s Music Magazine)

* I review a lot of albums. Yours was fresh and different from most that I review. I'm glad I had the notion to go on myspace and look for music that day...(2008 J Paul Rutter III WEDO Radio Host)

* Ciara Considine has a beautiful voice; this recording "Ó Mo Chroí" is a ‘keeper’ and an excellent addition to your music library....(2008 Diane Byrnes Echoes Of Erin Radio Host)